Weerlive Plugin


This plugin for Indigo extends the Indigo Home Automation system with weather information retrieved from the Dutch websites weerlive.nl and buienradar.nl. The plugin can be found in the Indigo plugin store.

This plugin retrieves information from published API’s from both websites every 10 minutes. This documentation is up to date for version 1.0.0 of the plugin. The plugin is licensed according to the GNU General Public License.


  • You will need this plugin from the Indigo plugin store.
  • Python 2.7 is needed for Indigo plugins.
  • The plugin is tested with Indigodomo Version 7.4.
  • An API key from weerlive


Download and install the plugin in the usual way for Indigo. It will announce itself in the log with the words “Weerlive”. Minor configuration is needed to get the plugin working. It will show the configuration screen like this:

You can get an API key from Weerlive for personal use. If not already done, generate your key via the above website and add it here to the Plugin configuration screen.

Next decide if you want to use Matplot to generate rain precipitation images for you. You can always change this and return here later. If you click on “Yes” the plugin will generate a new image every 10 minutes and store it in the local Indigo webserver folder with the name “weerlive_br.png”. Probably your folder will be somewhere like “/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 7.4/IndigoWebServer/images/weerlive_br.png”. Note that this place might change if you update to a newer version of Indigo.

If there is no rain expected the next 2 hours, the plugin will copy a default empty image to this location.

The last options is for debugging purposes. The Log level (verbose or normal) tells you have much information you want to receive from this plugin. “Normal” should do perfect once everything is setup.

Save your setup. The plugin will pick up this information and start accordingly.


Create a device which makes use of this plugin. You will have a device with the model ‘Weerlive’. This device will have the default Indigo device properties next to the properties retrieved from the plugin.

Some configuration might be needed to get the device working: You can change the default latitude and longitude for which the plugin will retrieve weather information. If you do not change this, the default configured Indigo location will be used. For most users this will do. Using this config allows you to track weather for e.g. two different locations.

The plugin will retrieve information from both weather sites and add that information to the following states.

TownLocation based on the requested longitude, latitude
Now TempCurrent Temperature measured the last 10 minutes
Now Feels LikeCurrent perceived temperature
SummaryA short description of the current weather
Now HumidityCurrent relative humidity percentage
Now WinddirectionWind direction (one or two characters)
Now Windspeed (m/s)Current wind speed in meters per second
Now Windspeed (Bf)Current wind speed in Beaufort
Now Windspeed (Kn)Current wind speed in knots
Now Windspeed (Km/h)Current wind speed in km/h
Now Pressure (mb)Pressure in mb
Now Pressure (mm)Pressure in mm Hg
Now DewpointDewpoint in degree C
Now VisibilityVisibility in km
Now ExpectationShort description for today
Sun UpSun Up time
Sun UnderSun Under time
imageWeather icon for today
<day> Day of WeekDay of week for this measurement (Today, Tomorrow, or Day after Tomorrow)
<day> Weather iconWeather icon for this day
<day> MaxTempMax temperature for this day (C)
<day> MinTempMin temperature for this day (C)
<day> Windspeed (Bf)Wind speed in Beaufort for this day
<day> Windspeed (Kn)Wind speed in knots for this day
<day> Windspeed (m/s)Wind speed in m/s for this day
<day> Windspeed (Km/h)Wind speed in km/h for this day
<day> WinddirectionWind direction (one or two characters) for this day
<day> PrecipRain precip for this day (percentage)
<day> Sun %Sun percentage for this day
AlarmtextAlarm text if “1” in the field “AlarmText Present”
AlarmText PresentShows if an Alarm text message is present
Rain Next 2 HoursExpected rain amount (mm) the next 2 hours

Note: <day> can be “Today” , “Tomorrow” or “DayAfterTomorrow”

Running state

If everything works as expected and the config has expected values, the plugin will start the first measurements soon. From that moment on the plugin will deliver the output to the device(s).

Rain picture

If configured the latest rain precip from the Buienradar site will be plot in a graph and stored in a PNG file. (See Setup above). If there is no rain expected the next two hours, a default transparent picture is copied the webserver pictures location. In this way you can have this info on your Indigo app or browser. The picture itself is refreshed every 10 minutes. I suggest to use 1 minute as refresh time in your app to prevent running behind to much. .

Known issues

There are no known issues at this moment. If you find something please let me know so we can help the community.

Remember to active verbose logging in the plugin config if something is not working as expected. It might give you a hint what is wrong.