Using Indigo

For a number of years I’m using Indigo, a home automation program running on MacOS. I played around with lots of other products which all have it positive and negative corners in my opinion.

  • The Z-wave support for my previous home automation system, Homeseer (Version 2), was running behind on the market
  • The upgrade to Homeseer Version 3 is expensive
  • Homeseer Version 3, which I’ve tested for some weeks, did not live up to its promise for the Z-wave world
  • A music server was on my wish list as well. A Mac could perfectly do that
  • Indigo was already promising in the past, but lacked Z-wave support. From Version 6 onwards they solved that with native Z-wave support
  • Indigo can be extended relatively easily with plugins. Scripting and extending Homeseer is also possible but has a steeper learning curve, and also important, most plugins are not for free.
  • MacOS is known as rock solid, and a Home Automation system is something you want to rely on every minut of the day.

Just counting quickly I am running Indigodomo today with > 20 plugins active. I have about 175 devices running in it. Stopping Indigodomo makes our home quiet. Lights and shutters will not open or close anymore, the sprinklers in the garden will be quiet, and most important we will not be warned for smoke, door/window alerts and lots of other topics.

My Own Plugins

Indigodomo has a great store for plugins. But that will never be enough. It would not be a true hobby if something was missing in my eyes. So that is where I will try improving my system a little bit. Perhaps it helps you as well. The following plugins are written by me. Thats a hobby, not a profession. So here and there it might not be written in the most fancy or optimal way. But they do their job for me. If you like them, use them. If you have suggestions to improve them, be my guest!

P1 Meter Plugin

The P1 meter plugin is designed for the Dutch market but might be useful in other European countries as well. It reads the smart meter information for electricity and gas consumption and shows this information as Indigodomo devices.

Weerlive Plugin

The Weerlive plugin shows weather information for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The data is retrieved from Dutch websites. You are free to use it from any other country but it might not give expected values.