Weather icons fitting the OpenWeatherMap icon numbers can be found on the web if you google around here and there. You could decide to use my OWMicons or design your own.

The weather icons must be in PNG format and stored in the proper variables directory within Indigo. I think it should be /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 6/IndigoWebServer/images/controls/devices. You need to create 18 icons, nine for daytime, and nine for the night. The filename should read “owm+NND.png” where “NN” is an icon number and  “D” represents the Day or Night icon. the following icon numbers are defined:

  • 01 – clear moon or clear sunowm+01d owm+01n
  • 02 light clouds with moon or sun partly visible owm+02d owm+02n
  • 03 – clouds, no moon or sun owm+03d owm+03n
  • 04 – heavy clouds, no moon or sun owm+04d owm+04n
  • 09 – heavy rain, no moon or sun owm+09d owm+09n
  • 10 – light clouds, light rain, visible moon or sun owm+10d owm+10n
  • 11 – thunderstorm with rain, no moon or sun visible owm+11d owm+11n
  • 13 – snow with clouds owm+13d owm+13n
  • 50 -fog owm+50d owm+50n

Have fun and create your own nice graphs!