Using Indigo

I’m using Indigo, a home automation program for the MAC, since some months now. After looking around whats in the market better as “nice attempt”  and cheaper as “top off the bill” I decided to go for Indigo 6. Some of my personal reasons:

  • The Z-wave support for my current home automation system, Homeseer Version 2, was running behind on the market
  • The upgrade to Homeseer Version 3 is expensive
  • Homeseer Version 3, which I’ve tested for some weeks, did not live up to its promise for the Z-wave world
  • I wanted to get rid of Windows XP, which was still under Homeseer
  • An music server was on my wish list as well. A Mac could perfectly do that
  • Indigo was already promising in the past, but lacked Z-wave support. Version 6 solved that with native Z-wave support
  • Indigo can be extended relatively easily with plugins. I must be honest, scripting was also possible with Homeseer, but Indigo implemented a smart plugin system which allows you to really extend it

So after some conversion weeks I switched of Homeseer after several years of serving me perfect. Some functions I used in Homeseer where not easy to find in Indigo. Therefore I decided to try to write my own small extensions to Indigo to ease up my system. Probably I can help others with these scripts, tips, hints etc as well. As idea, or just use it out of the box. These topics are described here briefly. Please click thru to the page for these topics to learn more, or to download some stuff where applicable.

Note: the reasons below are mine. If you want to buy a home automation system make up your mind. It is heavily depending on budget and your technical skills. Indigo works for me, since I like a rock solid system, but the ability to add some of my own stuff there. It might not work for you at all.

Open Weather Map Plugin

The default available plugins for Indigo on retrieving Weather data seem to be oriented highly on the US market. After some fiddling with it, I decided I liked my old screen which I had built in Homeseer and decided I wanted that back. Therefore I needed weather data and also some weather pictures. This was the base for the FCIM OpenWeatherMap plugin. It reads weather data from the OpenWeatherMap site and stores that in Indigo custom devices. In this way you can use that information e.g. in control pages, actions or even in python scripts. Interested? Have a look at the plugin page.